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Discover a vast range of tips related to security and driveway gates and their operation. It is perfectly possible to use these systems in an even safer and more effective manner to keep them in even better condition. Make the first step towards this by reading the tips below.

Same Day Emergency Gate Repair Services

If you are looking for gate tips, solutions and some fresh gate maintenance ideas, you have found the right place. Just devote a few minutes to checking out the tips below. Find out what to do to keep gates longer, how to repair them and what steps to follow in order to make them safer. The best ideas for effective solutions.

Gate companies can also install intercom systems

If you want to have a DoorKing, Lineal, or an Aiphone intercom system on your gate, most gate companies can provide the service in addition to gate opener installation. Intercom systems packaged with gate openers are usually cheaper. Our gate specialists in Cypress recommend that you consider availing of these packages, if you still need both of them.

Lubricate the actuator arm

If your gate system comes with an actuator arm that moves in a cylinder, it will necessitate lubrication. The lubricant to use should be non-petroleum based and will have to be applied to the shaft. A silicon based spray lubricant is advisable. Also, be sure to remove dust and dirt away before applying the lubricant.

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