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You won't find a more committed team than ours at “Gate Repair Cypress”. It's not only our expertise which identifies our work, but also the true commitment our professionals show to their work. Every one of you has special needs and different problems yet you all want the same thing – a fast and affordable solution. That's our job! After years of devotion in the domain of electric gate repair, our technicians are not only well-trained professionals but also experienced ones. It's incredible what one can learn by working with such dedication and how much one can learn by following the industry developments. What makes us special is that we know how to combine all this knowledge, experience and hard work in order to offer effective services, wise consultation and proper residential gate installation.

Electric gates are the specialty of our team

Let us introduce you to our team. We are all experienced yet eager to learn more about our professional, friendly to all our customers and make sure every work day ends with a smile. The essential thing is that we understand the significance of knowledge and on-going training to our work and that's why the quality of our gate service can satisfy even the most demanding customer.

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All efforts made by Gate Repair Cypress aim at one thing: helping customers enjoy the convenience, safety and security their gates offer. When people cannot leave their home because their electric gate is not closing all the way, they expect immediate repair. Our company offers immediate troubleshooting & same day emergency repairs. Similar issues related to the security of your house or your convenience are handled in the fastest time possible. You and your family's safety are our priority!

* Call us when the reverse system of your residential gate openers doesn't work

* Let us know when the posts are sagging

* Contact our company when the swing gate hinges are broken

We offer emergency repair and try to be there as soon as possible. Our company can help you with all opener issues or damaged parts and let us assure you that broken components are replaced within a very reasonable time. What's also important is that our team can be of assistance every time you want to invest in a new operator, get a new gate or install an intercom. Our technicians won't only inform you of the latest on the market but also guarantee excellent replacement and installation services. Why don't you send us an email or give us a call today!Gate Repair Cypress, CA

Our company has a great reputation in California and all thanks to its great foundations and the quality services offered by its technicians. We're experienced gate repair professionals and also offer gate opener installation and routine services.

Gate Opener Repair

There are many different types of gate openers. They can be divided into two categories based on technology. The mechanical models use a motor unit and a set of hardware components that connect these units to the gate panel for facilitating the opening and closing of the door. In case of malfunctioning or evident physical damage, all components are inspected. If the motor unit operates poorly, the gate opener repair can involve fixing the motor, circuit board or another component. When a component cannot be fixed like in the case of a broken moving gear, it is replaced. The metal hardware parts can be detached, dry, dented, bent or broken. There are specific repair techniques for all of these issues. The repair of a hydraulic opener involves fixing or replacing damaged and faulty components. These could be the hydraulic motor, piston or reservoir.

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