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There is always something new and interesting to discover about the gate which you own on your property. Our dedicated FAQ page gives you this opportunity. Get answers to various questions and use what you have learned to enjoy even better and more reliable gate operation at all times.

Hinge Welding Repair & Same Day Gate Services

How do we avoid entrapment?

Residential gate openers integrate the necessary safety sensors and reverse system so that the gate will stop and reverse in case someone is in its way when closing (or opening). So, the first thing our professionals suggest you should do is make sure the reverse mechanism works well. If parts of your clothes or children are entrapped and the system doesn't work, disengage the opener immediately to move the gate manually.

What do I do when the hinges get rotten?

Rotten hinges should be replaced immediately as it will cause problems with the adjustment and movement of the swing gate. Hinge welding repair is necessary only when welding is worn. If the hinges are broken or damaged in any way, they should be removed and new ones must be installed.

Do you sub-contract your work?

No. We only use our own employees to insure quality work and your home’s security.

Why are there insects coming out of my gate motor unit?

They have most likely found a warm spot there and use it for hiding and possibly for breeding. This is actually a very common problem due to the fact that many homeowners forget to plug the holes of the unit which are not used. To deal with the issue, you should open the unit and remove the insects gently without touching the cables of the circuit board. Plugging the holes will stop the infestation.

What is a gate operator cover?

This is the casing which modern gate operators come with. It is now a mandatory feature. In some cases, it is replaceable. It is typically made of plastic, but it can also have sections made of metal. It works excellently to provide protection from the elements and from insect infestations too. It is common for the gate cover to come with a key so that the internal components can be accessed only by the owner or an authorized person.

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