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Swing Gates versus Sliding Gates

08/16/2015 Back To Blog

Residential gate openers fall into two categories. They are either a swing gate or a sliding gate. In these two categories, the gates have many different configurations. As with all comparisons, each type of these has pros and cons. Those advantages and disadvantages will be laid out for consideration here.Swing Gates versus Sliding Gates

Swing Gates Pros and Cons

Swing gates offer two advantages identified right away. First, this category is usually less expensive than the sliding gates. Also, swing gates are, all in all, safer than their counterparts. The swing gate offers a surprising amount of options, such as the direction of the swing, single or double gates, and hinge configuration.

The best choice is based on, primarily, the location where the new gate installation will take place. For example, decisions include measuring the width of the driveway and what is on each side that could limit the performance of a swing gate. Even any slope or unevenness of the surface as well as any nearby traffic or objects at the point of installation will have to be closely observed and thought through to make a correct selection.

A clear disadvantage to swing gates is the effect the wind has on them. Gate hinge repair is more likely to be needed because of the weight and strain the gate itself. Another con is these gates have more integrated parts, which makes swing gate repair more likely.

Sliding Gates Pros and Cons

Slide gates take up considerably less room than the swing gate. Slide gates, therefore, give more people a chance to have a driveway gate. These gates operate with fewer parts than swing gates, which is likely to mean less maintenance service.

A con to the slide gate is they are more expensive. Most of the higher cost comes from the mounting and installation. Even after installation, owners must make sure the tracks on the sliding gates are kept clean and clear of obstructions.

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